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About Us

We’re Dahi Bondad Poshtiban

A company that raise your standards

Dahi Bondad Poshtiban is a distinguished subsidiary of the Dahi Bondad Group, an esteemed industrial conglomerate with a formidable footprint across Iran and the Middle East region.

At Dahi Bondad Poshtiban, our top priority is to provide comprehensive support and services for all products represented by the Dahi Bondad Group. With our wide range of equipment and machinery spanning industries from oil, gas, and petrochemicals to food and beverage, our expertly trained team is equipped to support not only the brands we represent but also any equipment utilizing similar technologies or applications.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive top-quality service and support, regardless of the equipment they use or the industry they operate in. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide flexible, tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our clients.


The mission of our company is to provide standard after-sales service at a world-class level, as well as to optimize the processes and equipment in order to prevent waste of energy and minimize the cost of operation.


Our vision is to upgrade and level up the standard of aftersales services providing in Iran’s market. We believe that having aftersales services and supports is not only a good option for customers, but it’s also their necessity. We want our customers to feel our presence beside them all the time.

Spare Part Procurement


Research & Development

Why Our Customers

Choose Us?

At Dahi Bondad Poshtiban, we represent only reputable and reliable companies that hold the top positions in the international market. Our customer support starts before the sales process, with our team of well-trained experts helping customers choose the best products for their needs. We are committed to advising the most suitable product for the customer, even if it’s not provided by us.

After the sales process is complete and the equipment is delivered to the customer, our support continues. We not only offer comprehensive customer support but also help our mother companies hold and improve their position in the market by providing technical and general data for their R&D sections.

Our dedication to providing excellent customer support and ensuring the success of our mother companies sets us apart from other companies in the industry.

Some of our services include: 

Services Agreements

We are able to provide different periodic service agreements depending on the needs of our customers.

Technical Services

It is Dahi Bondad Poshtiban’s major activity to provide technical services for different industries and equipment. 

Procuring Spare Parts

One of the important activities of Dahi Bandad Poshtiban Company is the provision of spare parts for a variety of equipment. 


Considering our customers various need and development requirements we offer ideal conditions for optimum training.


Shaping the future of technical services

Expand Your Business with

Dahi Bondad Poshtiban

In addition to our equipment and machinery services, Dahi Bondad Poshtiban also offers support for companies interested in entering the middle east and Iran’s market or those struggling due to inadequate aftersales services.

Many companies and brands, regardless of the quality they can provide or their potential to meet demands and requirements, have lost the opportunity of having a good business in the market of the Middle-East, only because of a lack of aftersales services. Dahi Bondad Poshtiban is founded to fill this gap, so all the prestigious brands and manufacturers have the opportunity to enter the market considering long-term plans.

Our Projects

Our objective is to alleviate our clients' concerns related to various aspects of different industries

We offer various services, including troubleshooting, repair, maintenance, commissioning, inspection, installation, and consulting, are offered. The technical experts at our company have completed many projects successfully and to our clients’ highest satisfaction.