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Start up & Commissioning

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The commissioning of equipment and processes is an important and key step in the transition of a project from construction to commercial operation. Setting up industrial equipment or process can be a challenging task, particularly if complex technologies are integrated into the equipment or process. The Dahi Bondad Poshtiban Company assists customers in the commissioning of their equipment and processes safely and according to schedule.

The Dahi Bondad Poshtiban Company is one of the largest after-sales service providers in the Middle East with the capability to start up various equipment and processes. The company is a representative of more than 30 leading brands in the world, and its specialists have completed the necessary training courses and have valid and international certificates to set up all kinds of equipment.

Safety Assurance

Quality Control

On Schedule

As a result of the standard commissioning of the equipment by the Dahi Bondad Poshtiban specialists, the following results can be achieved:

What we Offer

For Start up & Commissioning

The following steps are involved in the setup of equipment and processes by Dahi Bandad Poshtiban Company:


Consulting on installation and

In the first step, we evaluate the process and equipment and provide recommendations on reducing costs, saving time, etc., to our customers.


Make sure the equipment is installed according to the

Assuring that the equipment is installed correctly and that the various systems (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, control, etc.) are functioning as they should


Configuration and preliminary commissioning

Configuration of the equipment base on checklist with operational parameters and calibration of the equipment 


Performance check

Perform diagnostic and control tests and confirm the output, Resolving Problems



Verify the performance of the system or equipment 



Providing operators with the necessary training in operation and troubleshooting

Dahi Bondad Poshtiban is among the few companies in the world that has the ability to commission high-tech and cutting-edge technologies, equipment, and systems.



Dahi Bandod Poshtiban Company is capable of undertaking pre-commissioning steps in order to speed up the project’s completion and increase its reliability.

The followings are some examples of these steps:

When the mechanical installation is complete, pre-commissioning can be performed. The pre-commissioning team can begin their work once the installation or I&E (Instrumentation & Electricals) progress has reached more than 50%.