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Dahi Bondad Poshtiban

Comprehensive Consulting

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We Assist customers in identifying suitable technologies and equipment tailored to their specific needs. Our goal is to address industry-specific challenges, offering cost-effective, practical solutions. By collaborating closely with you and collecting relevant data, we guide you to the most efficient and cost-effective technical options.

We Offer guidance for equipment repair and optimization, focusing on enhancing efficiency while minimizing maintenance costs.

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Our Consulting Services

CAPEX & OPEX Consultation

Dahi Bondad Poshtiban specializes in providing comprehensive CAPEX and OPEX analysis services for equipment and processes. Whether you require equipment repair or process upgrades, we guide you in identifying options that maximize cost savings and result in reduced operational costs

Our analysis considers and forecasts a wide range of costs, including initial investments, operational expenses, maintenance, and other operational costs, as well as financing charges. By choosing our services, you gain valuable insights into material and asset selection, ensuring optimal performance and maintenance costs, and obtaining a clear understanding of the financial landscape of your projects. We are committed to supporting your technical and after-sales needs, delivering efficient, cost-effective solutions to drive your success.

Root Cause Analysis

Dahi Bondad Poshtiban’s expertise allows us to promptly access the right know-how to investigate your plant or equipment failure. Our in-house leading specialists have the skills to address complex technical issues. Our multidisciplinary team combines decades of operational experience with up-to-date knowledge of failure risks. 

We are independent of equipment manufacturers and can authoritatively challenge OEM investigations. We use various specialized techniques, such as vibration analysis, materials, and corrosion analysis, supported by in-house testing and laboratory facilities, to investigate failures with minimal delay and disruption to your operations. Drawing from our experience, you can be confident we have the technical expertise to identify the root cause of your failure.

Total Solution Consultation

Dahi Bondad Poshtiban presents comprehensive consultation packages meticulously crafted to cater to all the post-sales requirements of our valued clients. These packages encompass an array of vital aspects, ranging from maintenance and support to optimization and continuous enhancement. Our objective is to furnish our clients with an all-encompassing resource for the effective management of their technical assets, thereby ensuring they operate at peak efficiency. Below, we outline the various components that constitute our total solutions:

Consultation and Needs Assessment:

- Thoroughly assessing and identifying areas in need of improvement.
- Understanding our clients' specific requirements, goals, and challenges.

Maintenance and Service Suggestions:

- Evaluating the need for ongoing maintenance and service agreements.
- Encompassing technical support and help desk services, covering regular inspections, preventive maintenance, breakdown support, and emergency repairs.

Spare Parts Management:

- Overseeing the entire spare parts supply chain, from procurement to stocking.
- Ensuring our clients have timely access to necessary components.

Training and Certification Programs:

- Assessing the requirement for training and certification programs for our clients' technicians and employees.
- Equipping them with the skills necessary to maintain and repair equipment effectively.

Field Service Management:

- Streamlining field service management, including dispatching, scheduling, route optimization, and workforce management.

Upgrade and Modernization Plans:

- Providing clients with long-term strategies for equipment upgrades, modernization, and lifecycle management.
- Ensuring that assets remain up-to-date and cost-effective.

Documentation, Data Analysis, and Reporting:

- Meticulously managing all documentation, records, maintenance histories, and compliance reporting.
- Upholding transparency and adhering to regulatory compliance.
- Leveraging data analytics and reporting tools to furnish insights into asset performance, maintenance trends, and opportunities for optimization.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services:

- Conducting regular quality assurance, testing, and performance assessments.
- Upholding the highest standards of quality and safety.

Continuous Improvement:

- Implementing strategies for ongoing improvement, cost reduction, and enhanced efficiency over time.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Tracking:

- Establishing KPI tracking systems to measure and report on technical asset performance and the efficacy of our total solution.

At Dahi Bondad Poshtiban, we are committed to providing comprehensive, accessible, and effective solutions that enhance the operational excellence of our clients’ technical assets.

Reliability Analysis

Dahi Bondad Poshtiban provides a crucial service within the domain of modern industrial plants, recognizing that equipment constitutes the cornerstone of safety and productivity for any enterprise. Our specialized proficiency in reliability analysis for rotating equipment is expressly aimed at achieving the utmost equipment lifespan, ensuring high safety reliability, and enhancing operational efficiency, all while curtailing maintenance costs. 

Our all-encompassing methodology is dedicated to the pivotal task of estimating the life probability distribution of rotating equipment, which stands as a cornerstone of reliability analysis.

When you engage with Dahi Bondad Poshtiban, rest assured that you are entrusting us with the task of delivering profound and invaluable reliability analysis for your valuable rotating equipment, facilitating the optimization of their performance and safety.

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