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The process of installing industrial equipment is one of the most important and sensitive steps involved in the operation of the equipment. When equipment is installed correctly and safely, many subsequent costs can be avoided. There are many instances in which the equipment or the whole process is damaged due to improper installation, or the warranty of the equipment is voided. All the items associated with the equipment are installed by the specialists of Dahi Bondad Poshtiban, under the supervision of all the relevant instructions, standards, and regulations.

Safety Assurance

Quality Control

On Schedule

Industrial equipment installation requires expertise, sufficient experience, and a thorough understanding of the operating methods involved. Dahi Bondad Poshtiban’s engineers, who have completed specialized training related to equipment installation, have extensive experience in the field and are able to install a wide range of equipment. By having experts on hand, Dahi Bondad Poshtiban Company is capable of providing equipment installation services in a safe, cost-effective, and timely manner.

The Dahi Bondad Poshtiban company represents more than 30 renowned international brands. Due to this, our specialists have been trained to install many industrial equipments by the manufacturer, and they are fully familiar with the latest and most advanced equipments as well as the most complex installation conditions.


We offer a variety of installation services through Dahi Bondad Poshtiban Company, including:

  • Upgrading current plants

One of the main challenges when replacing parts or equipment in existing production lines is preventing the piping system and process system from being affected. Using the information and technical specifications of the process, Dahi Bondad experts install new parts and equipment flange by flange.

  • Project management, monitoring and planning of installation

After identifying the installation requirements and coordinating with all parties involved (customer, manufacturer, transport company, etc.), the Dahi Bondad Poshtiban specialists can begin planning the installation according to the customer’s schedule. As a result, any delays or difficulties will be avoided during installation.

  • Pre-installation inspection

As long as the equipment has not been inspected beforehand, it will be removed from its packaging during installation and its health will be assessed. In the event of damage, the equipment/part will be repaired or replaced as necessary.

  • Prepare installation prerequisites

There are some pieces of equipment that require pre-assembly or special installation conditions. In addition to checking the prerequisites for equipment installation, Dahi Bondad Poshtiban’s experts inspect the site, control the P&ID and civil and structural maps, examine the installation conditions, plan and correct any deficiencies.

  • The installation of electrical equipment, instrumentation, and control equipment
  • Delivering turnkey projects