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Procuring Spare Parts

Reliable, Affordable, and Quick

One of the important activities of Dahi Bondad Poshtiban Company is the provision of spare parts for a variety of equipment. Since we represent more than 30 reputable brands in the world, we are able to provide spare parts for a wide range of equipment. In addition, as a result of our extensive commercial network all over the world, even if the required spare parts are not manufactured by a company we represent, we are able to obtain them.

In providing spare parts services, Dahi Bondad offers the following features:

With our prevention and maintenance services, Dahi Bondad Poshtiban ensures that processes and equipment run efficiently and effectively.


Spare Part For Instrumentations

Spare Part For Turbo Blowers

Spare Part For Decanters

Spare Part For Compressors

Spare Part For Turbines

Spare Part For Pumps

Spare Part For Filters

Spare Part For Fans

Spare Part For Archimedes Pumps

Spare Part For Mixers

Spare Part For Analyzers

Wear Parts

Consumable parts of diffusers

Consumable parts of UV systems

Consumable parts of membrane systems

Spare Part For Industrial Communication