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Opening Package Inspection(OPI)

It is one of the challenges associated with providing and supplying equipment to ensure the accuracy and health of the equipment delivered. Especially when the shipment distance is long, the shipping conditions are challenging or complicated, the packaging is special, or the product is vulnerable. To resolve this issue, Dahi Bondad Poshtiban Company experts will perform an opening package inspection for clients.
As part of the package inspection process, Dahi Bondad Poshtiban experts remove the equipment from its packaging in the presence of the customer and perform a quantitative and qualitative examination of the equipment as well as reviewing the manual. We ensure that the delivered goods are correct, complete, and intact and that all the accessories specified in the contract are also delivered. If there is any damage or discrepancy in any equipment provided by Dahi Bondad Group, the responsible party will replace, repair or complete it without charge.

Pre-Installation Inspection

Equipment and machineries installation would require to provide some civil, mechanical or electrical infrastructures. Installation site will be inspected by experts via checklists and they will help the customer to prepare the site for the best installation and optimizing performance.

Experience peace of mind with Dahi Bondad Poshtiban's reliable and comprehensive inspection services.


It is possible for Dahi Bondad Poshtiban company to plan a factory acceptance test (FAT) along with the customer’s representative in the location of the manufacturer or a site acceptance test (SAT) based on the client’s serious concerns or the sensitivity of the equipment. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) involve extensive testing of systems or system components to ensure compliance with pre-approved specifications.